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Last time I left off in discussing the current political state of affairs in the U.S., at least as I see them. I promised to put forth a couple of possible solutions to what I think is a serious problem; namely the fact that people can vote who pay no taxes. If the following prospective remedies seem overly simplified to you, you should consider the source.


It would seem to me that we need to either disallow the non-taxpayer to vote, or ensure that everybody pays something in income taxes. The first seems harsh and unfeeling, even to me. And given that we live in a society where even the requirement to provide identification to vote sets off a firestorm of controversy, I don’t think there’s much chance of that ever happening. As an aside, I, personally, am very suspicious of any person who would refuse to show their ID to vote, but that is another matter for another time.


So then, my proposal to save the world is to make sure every adult pays something in income taxes, even if only a small amount. My hope is that people would become better informed about the actions of Congress if they had a vested interest in it. People being what they are, that might be little more than wishful thinking. As my good friend Larry Barrett always says, “We better watch out, we’re about to get as much government as we’re paying for.”


Ok, enough of the political and on to the horticultural. Our policy at the nursery has always been that we begin to take spring bookings after Thanksgiving. If you are going to need plants in the spring, and would like for us to hold them for you, I’d suggest you get your orders in as early as possible. There is plenty of Wal-Mart grade nursery stock out there, but good plants are getting harder to come by.


Also, just so you know, we normally tag 10% - 15% of each variety shipped so everything can be properly sorted upon arrival. But if you’d like, we can individually tag your plants. We can even put your nursery name, your prices and even bar-codes on every plant, if it suits you. We charge 10 cents extra per plant to cover our labor costs, but many of our customers love the service, especially the pricing. Let us know if you want that and we’ll be glad to do it for you!


Finally, I hope you had a great Thanksgiving. We did, with the minor exception of my wife’s insistence that we have our Christmas card photo taken while the boys were home from school. Three-ring circuses have been staged with less activity than we had trying to pose two very unwilling college boys and a trio of active Labrador retrievers. But it was fun. I’ll attach the card with the next update.

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