Welcome to Rhonda Cochran, more of great product coming on, and visions of a brass band playing?

We’ve been very busy for the past six or eight weeks and I hope you have too. The weather has been kind of all over the place this year, just like it always is in the spring. What it did for us this time was to delay a substantial number of early shipments, especially those into Tennessee and the Carolinas. A good many orders that we normally ship in mid-February were pushed back to early March. Consequently, we’ve all been worked like rented mules for the last four weeks. And I’ll take it all day long. Loading trucks is fairly strenuous work, but so is dumping overgrown plants into a gully. 

The last time I had time to write this commentary (I think), I was in the middle of interviewing candidates for the job of office manager here at the nursery. If I recall correctly, which is a bit unusual, I sat down and visited with 19 or 20 people who were interested in the job. As you might expect with that many interviews, the prospects ran the gamut from hopelessly incapable to very well qualified. What struck me the most from the whole process is just how many good candidates there are out there, something I must confess I did not expect. I can only surmise that with the economy still a little on the feeble side there are a lot of good people out looking for jobs. I think I found one.

Her name is Rhonda Cochran and she’s off to a good start. Thus far she has shown a good deal of promise in the fulfillment of her duties, she’s a very quick learner, and she’s friendly to boot! I hope you get a chance to speak with her in the near future, although you’ll have to call between the hours of 8 and 12 in the morning if you wish to do so. She’s working part time for now but I imagine we’ll be able to find enough to keep her busy full-time pretty soon. It may seem like telling Noah about the flood to say so, but springtime in the nursery business is very stressful under the best of circumstances. To have to do it shorthanded, especially in the office, is enough to give an air traffic controller ulcers. I don’t have a brass band playing “Happy Days Are Here Again”, but I can hear the tune in my head. I bet if you listen closely enough you can hear it too.

I hope you noticed all the new additions to the availability list. When you get through the initial rush of spring shipping two things happen at once. First, you find a few things left over that you thought were all sold – the reason for a good number of the new additions to the list. And second, stuff starts growing like kudzu. We’ve got a good bit of material that has just gotten ready and quite a bit more that will be finishing off in the next month or so. So, stay tuned…sooner or later we’re bound to have something you can’t live without! And when you do see something you need I hope you’ll call and introduce yourself to Rhonda. I think you’ll be impressed too.

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