Memorial Day Greetings

I hope you had a safe and fun Memorial Day (and maybe even profitable, if you were open). Like a lot of other people, I have always viewed this particular holiday as somewhat minor, but the older I get the more I have come to appreciate the sacrifice those who serve our country really make. And that’s the ones who are still alive. The ones who’ve made the supreme sacrifice are all heroes in my book.

I just happened to finish up a book over the weekend that you ought to read if you haven’t already. It’s called Lone Survivor, by Marcus Lutrell. Mr. Lutrell is a Navy Seal who lost the rest of his platoon in a battle in the mountains of Afghanistan. The book was, for me, a real page turner. I had never given much  thought to the extreme amount of training some of our soldiers endure, nor the extraordinary amount of worrying their families must go through to protect the freedoms we often take for granted. Lone Survivor puts it all into very sharp focus. It truly is incredible just how committed our men and women in uniform really are.

If you know a soldier, thank them for their service. If you have one in your family, please tell them I said thank you. Were it not for them and their selflessness we, and a heck of a lot of the rest of the world, would all be much less free than we are right now.

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