Kate Upton, Zebras, What's New and Great Little Surprises

From the “Let’s Try Something New” file, we’re putting a couple of items on sale for the month of October (see above list). All four of the items on special are prettier than Kate Upton. Well, the Sky Pencil in 3s are more along the lines of, say, Jennifer Aniston or somebody like that, but still very nice. You can’t beat a deal like that with a stick. 

I want to shine the spotlight on a new plant we’re trying out and that I added to the availability list last time. It’s a really interesting looking Hydrangea macrophylla called ‘Zebra’. It has very dark, almost black, stems and deep green foliage. It puts on an impressive display of white blooms in early summer that contrast very starkly with the stems, thus giving them their name. Most hydranges tend to look a little forlorn this time of year, but the ‘Zebras’ are still very pretty. We don’t have many of them this year but we’ll be in much better shape by next summer. Try some. I think you’ll be impressed as well.

I had mentioned last time that we’d be adding material to our inventory at a pretty good clip. I think I added 23 new items this time, all of which look very good. We normally have a little sales spike in the fall, and since the weather is beginning to moderate some I’m looking forward to a gust of business. In addition to some cooler weather, the price of gas had come down a bit, in most places anyway, and that ought to help everybody. If we weren’t optimists we’d all be doing something else, wouldn’t we?

I had an unusual and very nice thing happen to me a few weeks ago, and that was that I got to see how the other half lives. My wife, as you know, is recovering from breast cancer surgery (and doing exceptionally well, thank you) and we had gone to a football game at Mississippi State. With two boys in school there momma is just about always trying to think of a reason to get up there anyhow, and a ballgame was more of a temptation than she could bear.

It was a typical early September day in Starkville: 94 degrees with suffocating humidity and not a cloud in the sky. If you stop and think about it for a moment, you’d just about have to be a practicing masochist of the highest order to even consider sitting on baking concrete to watch a ballgame under those conditions. My only defense is that there were fifty-something thousand more dunces willing to sit out there and watch with us.

My wife and I had decided in advance that we wouldn’t punish ourselves too much by trying to stay for the whole game. We had a three hour drive home anyhow, and made up our minds we’d leave at halftime - if we made it that long. At just about the time we were to head into the stadium from where we were tailgating, a friend of mine who knew about Melinda’s surgery eased up beside me and asked if I thought she’d be able to stand the heat. I informed him of our plans to leave when she got tired and he handed me two passes to a skybox a friend of his owned and couldn’t attend that day. He asked if we’d rather watch the game in air-conditioned comfort and, as nonchalantly as I could manage, I said, “Yeah, I guess so.”

If you’ve never had the experience of sitting in an air-conditioned suite and looking down upon poor people sweating, you have missed out. I highly recommend it, although it is doubtful I’ll ever have the opportunity again. I didn’t ask how much a skybox costs because, for one, I thought it was rude, and, for two, I know I’m never going to be in the market anyway. I must confess, however, that it was awfully nice to have had the pleasure that one time. Such luxury could ruin a man if he wasn’t careful.

Even though we’ll be sitting outside for the LSU game this weekend, if we go, the weather is supposed to be very nearly perfect. I think everything will be fun except the game itself, but at least we’ll take our beating in autumnal comfort. And who knows, we got so lucky last time, getting free tickets to a suite like that, maybe lightning will strike twice and State will beat LSU. I’ve probably got a better chance of getting more tickets to a skybox for the remainder of my days, but like I said before, “If we weren’t all optimists…” 

It’s a long shot, I know, but maybe God likes our Bulldogs as much as he does those eastern ones. Don’t laugh, it just might be.

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