Little Point in Complaining...

I suppose there’s very little point in my complaining that it’s hot. It’s mid-July and I’m in south Mississippi so it’s not exactly newsworthy to note that it’s been a trifle warm here lately. And when I watch the weather and see that from about Memphis on up it’s been REALLY hot, I shouldn’t whine at all. After all, we haven’t hit 100 yet and we’re getting a fair bit of rain, which is one of the greatest summertime blessings of all. For those of you in the true heat and drought, I hope the weather gets better soon.

One very good thing about hot, wet weather is that our plants are growing like fertilized Kudzu. We’re adding stuff to the availability list at a fairly steady clip and will continue to do so up until fall. Like most other growers, we’re going to have a smaller crop this year than we’ve had in the past but the things we have look very good. You will not mistake anything that comes from here with those fine specimens of botanical excellence you see on the shelves of chain stores, thank God.

Somebody e-mailed me a joke last week that I thought was pretty funny. Stop me if you’ve heard this one: It seems a girl of about 10 asked her grandfather what “couple sex” was. Grandpa hesitated for a few seconds and finally decided that if she was old enough to ask the question then she was old enough for an honest answer.

So he told her the whole, unvarnished truth in painstaking detail. He left out nothing, including all the joys and responsibilities that come with human reproduction. When he finished, the little girl was standing there with her mouth agape and a look of absolute horror and disgust on her face. After several awkward moments she blurted out “Grandma said to tell you that supper will be ready in a couple secs, and I didn’t know what she meant!”

I have, on more than one occasion, misunderstood somebody’s questions or comments and gotten myself into embarrassing and awkward situations by saying something dumb, but not quite like that.  At least not yet…

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