Getting Our Coldest Weather...

Getting our coldest weather of the season in mid-February is not really newsworthy. What is a bit unusual is that we’re getting this kind of cold (25F is forecast for tonight) after having had a month or so of really warm weather. I don’t think we’re going to have any plants killed, but I imagine we’ll have some new growth singed off some things tonight. We just try to think of it as natural pruning.

From what I’m hearing, plants are getting harder to find. Good ones, anyway. We are currently very low on good plants ourselves but we’ll be loaded for bear by around the middle of April, depending on the weather. If you haven’t placed your spring booking yet you probably want to go ahead and get that in pretty soon.

For those of you who call the office, you’ll now be speaking to Erica Garza. She’s going to be handling the reception / inside sales duties for us. I think you’ll find her to be just as pleasant and gracious as Mrs. Pat was. One plus for Erica is that she is fully bilingual. She’ll be a huge help for those of you who read only English but speak only Spanish.

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