Great weather and Prayers for Melinda

Well, the uncharacteristically mild summer weather continues here. We’ve had an abundance of rain for the last few weeks and it’s been pretty rare for the mercury to rise above the 90 degree mark, a blessing for the month of July if ever I saw one. I realize that 90 degrees with high humidity isn’t going to fool anybody into thinking they’re in Vermont, but altogether it hasn’t been too bad. Hopefully we’ll be able to make it through the worst of the summer months without any extreme heat or a hurricane. That would be extra nice.

On a personal note, I’d like to thank all of you who have called and sent notes to say you’re praying for my wife, Melinda, who was diagnosed with breast cancer last week. I have always known the nursery industry was made up of the best of the best of people in the world, but the last week and a half has been a humbling, heartwarming example of just how true that is. Words cannot say how much I appreciate the outpouring of love and concern we’ve experienced in the last 10 days or so.

We are indeed fortunate that her cancer was caught very early. Because Melinda has always been faithful to get her mammograms done on time her prognosis is excellent, albeit mostly fun-less for the next few months. From what we know now, it looks like surgery will cure her without having to go through the difficulties of chemo or radiation. My wife, being the girly-girl she is, was initially much more concerned with the prospect of losing her hair than with the possibility of dying. I, of course, am of the opinion that hair is vastly overrated anyway. I just want her to be ok.

If we can get by this thing (and by we I mean she) without chemotherapy, that would be huge. To be sure, the surgery is not going to be easy but at least the knowledge that it’ll be behind us in a few months is comforting. If you are the praying sort I’d appreciate it if you’d put Melinda on your prayer list. As I’ve been telling all our friends who promise to pray for her; “she needs the prayer and you need the practice.” We all do.

As for the happenings at the nursery, the moderate weather and abundant rainfall has kicked the plants into overdrive. Some things in particular, like Loropetalum, Confederate Jasmine and Ligustrum are growing like well-fertilized kudzu. Unfortunately it has had the same effect on the weeds, which we are battling to a possible stalemate. I know you know this already, but it is amazing how much work there is to do on a nursery. Always. I’ve said it so many times before but one of the most accurate statements I’ve ever heard is that there are only two things more confining than a nursery; a dairy and jail. To be perfectly honest about it, I’ve never spent a whole lot of time on a dairy farm, but I don’t need to. I can tell you for certain, even from just the limited exposure I’ve had, growing plants is a heck of a lot more fun than milking cows. Smells a lot better too.

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